The Best Second Chance Banks in Hawaii

If you recently applied for a checking account and were denied because of a negative banking history, you’re not alone. Approximately 85% of banks in Hawaii use a company called ChexSystems when you apply for a new checking account. If you have experienced several overdraft checks from another bank or have been unable to pay overdraft fees, ChexSystems will flag that behavior making it next to impossible to find a bank willing to work with you.

Granted, ChexSystems is the safety net for bank institutions to weed out people who have committed fraud or identity theft, but if you get caught in the net it can be crippling. And most of us absolutely require the use of a bank checking account to manage our money, pay bills, and receive direct deposits from an employer or government agency.

Fortunately, some banks and credit unions offer so-called No ChexSystems Checking Accounts and/or Second Chance Checking Accounts to help people rebuild their credit and financial histories. Our job at is to find those institutions in Hawaii that can assist you.

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Best Second Chance Banks in Hawaii

Residents in virtually every state have access to local, regional, or national financial institutions that offer “Second Chance Checking Programs” or what some banks call Fresh Start Checking, Opportunity Checking or New Start Checking. Most banks or credit unions offering second chance checking use ChexSystems or EWS, but are willing to forgive your previous banking mistakes and give you a second chance.

A second chance checking account offers the security of a bank account while letting a consumer rebuild his or her banking history. After a year or two, an account holder may be able to upgrade to a regular checking account. Here’s the list of banks in Hawaii offering these services:

Financial InstitutionProduct
HomeStreet BankBank On Checking
PNC BankFoundation Checking
Wells FargoOpportunity Package

Did we leave your financial institution off this list? Has there been a change in any of the listings? Please let us know.