The Best No Credit Check Bank Account. Ever.

Yes, you can open a bank account online for free with no credit check. Interested? Read on.

A bank is one of those required things in life. You need access to a debit card for purchases or direct deposit from an an employer. A bank account is almost the only way to enjoy these basic services. But if you’ve experienced financial challenges or unexpected events — and the ensuring bad credit — it may be difficult to open a new bank account. And most banks make it frustratingly difficult, expensive, or even impossible.

The good news is that you can still open a free online bank account with no credit check and no deposit. CheckingExpert has helped thousands of people just like you open online bank accounts. No credit check bank accounts that give you all the checking account features you need and deserve without the exorbitant fees many banks impose.

Credit Bureaus, ChexSystems, and Bank Accounts for Bad Credit

Most banks look at the credit history of their customers before granting them the ability to open a checking account. Some banks run a credit check through one of the major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax.

Other banks will dig deeper by turning to a company called ChexSystems. This company identifies your history with overdrafts, bad checks, and account freezes. Additionally, banks will look at check fraud, negative balances, and excessive withdrawals through Early Warning Systems (EWS). If you find yourself blacklisted by one of these companies, getting a bank account can seem impossible.

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A Bank Account For Those With Bad Credit

The researchers at have found one bank where you can get a bad credit bank account. There’s no hidden fees, no minimum balance, and no monthly fees. Best of all, you can open an account today and there’s no initial deposit required to do so! If you’ve got bad credit and need a checking account, this is the bank for you!

Open a Chime Bank account today!

Winner: Best Bank Account For Those With Bad Credit

Chime Bank

Chime Bank is a fast-growing internet-only bank. Unlike big banks, Chime was created during the smartphone era and, therefore, features an app that is more than just a way for customers to review their bank accounts.

And, best of all, Chime Bank accepts all customers who apply. Even if you have bad or poor credit or have been blacklisted by ChexSystems or credit bureaus. It’s one of the only guaranteed checking accounts we’ve ever reviewed.

Features include mobile deposits, direct deposit, online bill payment, NO monthly or annual fees, NO overdrafts, NO credit check, and NO CheckSystems.

Setting up an account is almost too easy and the smartphone app tools are some of the best we’ve reviewed. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • FREE Visa® debit card
  • NO monthly fees or service charges
  • NO monthly minimums
  • NO credit check; Bad credit OK
  • NO ChexSystems or Telecheck; guaranteed approval
  • FREE online banking and mobile banking/deposits
  • FREE online checks
  • FREE mobile and online bill pay
  • NO foreign transaction fees
  • NO fees at over 38,000 MoneyPass® and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs worldwide
  • SAVINGS: You can round up every purchase to the nearest dollar and automatically deposit that difference into your savings account.

Chime Bank Lets You Get A Jump On Payday

You can receive your paycheck up to two days earlier than at a traditional bank if you set up direct deposit — Chime processes your employer’s check immediately instead of waiting like other banks may.

Open a Chime Bank account today!

Get $50 When You Join CheckingExpert on Chime.

Earn $50 when you receive a payroll direct deposit of $200 or more within the first 45 days of opening your Chime Spending Account.

Applying is simple. The Chime Bank website is simple and easy to interact with. It takes about 2 minutes to open an account from start to finish. There is NO deposit required to open an account.

Chime Bank is one of the most friendly banks for those who have been negatively impacted by bad credit, ChexSystems, or Telecheck.

Chime Is An Award-Winning Mobile Banking App and Debit Card.

Over 15,000 people have given the Chime Bank mobile app 5 stars. It’s all right on your phone and you can manage your account 24/7, no matter where you are.

Get an account now!

Best Second Chance Banks of 2019: The Runners Up

Unfortunately, most major banks don’t offer second chance checking. However, many community banks and credit unions have them under various names, such as Opportunity Checking and Fresh Start Checking.

Some banks and credit unions offer so-called second chance checking accounts to help people rebuild their credit and financial histories. These accounts usually carry monthly fees and come with a few other requirements, such as participating in a financial literacy or money management class. An account holder might also not be eligible for overdraft protection, since second chance banking serves as a way to prevent overdrawing an account altogether.

Here’s an overview of these accounts and where you can find them at branches in your area.

ConnecticutDelawareDistrict of Columbia
NebraskaNevadaNew Hampshire
New JerseyNew MexicoNew York
North CarolinaNorth DakotaOhio
Rhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth Dakota
West VirginiaWisconsinWyoming