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The 8 Things Every Checking Account Must Have

Every checking account should give you the ability to make purchases and payments with a check

Opening a checking account can be daunting, but there are banks out there who want your business, want to make the process smooth and comfortable, and won’t charge fees while providing the services you need and deserve. Checking accounts are bank accounts where you keep and have access to your …

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Here’s the Best Online Checking Accounts

Are you tired of waiting in long lines, and dealing with too many fees and minimum requirements? Opening a checking account with an online bank could be your solution. Today, almost every bank offers online banking options, but did you know that there are banks that solely operate online, with …

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The Best Second Chance Banks in Utah

Best Second Chance Banks in Utah

If you recently applied for a checking account and were denied because of a negative banking history, you’re not alone. Approximately 85% of banks in Utah use a company called ChexSystems when you apply for a new checking account. If you have experienced several overdraft checks from another bank or have …

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