The Best Second Chance Banks and Credit Unions in Texas

Texas continues to lead searches for “Second Chance Banks in Texas” primarily because there are almost 1 million households in the state that do not have a bank account. Texas has one of the highest “unbanked” rates in the country and exceeds the national average by 23 percent.

These means several hundred thousand Texans are probably utilizing high cost alternatives such as PayDay loans, check cashing companies, and prepaid cards. These are some of the worst financial products available to consumers.

Several hundred thousand Texans are also impacted by a little-known company called ChexSystems. ChexSystems aggregates data from the vast majority of banks and credit unions in the state. This data details if a consumer has had excessive bounced checks, unpaid checking account fees, or even fraudulent transactions.

If a consumer has had some bad luck and ended up on the ChexSystems blacklist, it’s almost impossible to get a checking account at any bank or credit union in Texas. And the rest of the country, for that matter! ChexSystems retains records on over 300 million people in the United States in every single state. Even worse, the black mark remains in the ChexSystems database for up to 5 years.

But there is hope. There are a few banks and credit unions who do not use ChexSystems to screen applicants for their bank accounts. Instead, they may use other services like Early Warning Services (EWS) or Telecheck. If you’ve ended up on the ChexSystems blacklist, applying for a checking account at a No ChexSystems Bank is the way to go.

There are also banks and credit unions in Texas who offer so called “Second Chance Bank Accounts”. These banks and credit unions will probably check your ChexSystems record, but as long as fraud has not been committed or you don’t owe their bank or credit union money, they will approve you for an account.

CheckingExpert has helped thousands of people just like you open second chance banking accounts. We’ve selected the best accounts in Texas for 2019 based on acceptance rates, checking account features and benefits, and the accounts with the lowest fees. Best of all, you can open an account today!

Best Second Chance Bank Account of 2019

BBVA Online Checking

Most Texans have heard of BBVA Bank (344 branch locations in the state) and the BBVA Online Checking Account is our hands-down winner for the best second chance checking account.

BBVA is owned by a multi-billion dollar international bank and has won several awards for their leading products and online services. They are a fully insured FDIC member.
Sign Up Today. Takes About 3 Minutes.

Features include mobile deposits, direct deposit, online bill payment, and NO monthly or annual fees. Setting up an account is almost too easy and the smartphone app tools are some of the best we’ve reviewed. Simply stated, the BBVA Online Checking account has a combination of features no other bank can match. These include:

  • NO ChexSystems
  • NO monthly fees or service charges
  • NO monthly account balance minimums
  • NO fees at over 64,000 Allpoint® and BBVA ATMs worldwide
  • FREE award-winning mobile app (one of the best we’ve reviewed)
  • FREE Visa® debit card you can personalize with your favorite photo
  • FREE online banking, bill pay, and mobile deposits
  • FREE money transfer to and from any email or mobile phone in the U.S. via Popmoney®, Venmo®, and other instant transfer services
  • FREE dedicated team of mobile bankers you can contact via text, email, or phone
  • FREE cash back rewards for everyday debit card purchases with Simple CashBack
  • FREE unlimited check writing
  • FREE Visa Zero Liability protects you against fraudulent purchases made on your debit card

Applying is simple. The BBVA website is simple and easy to interact with. There is a $25 minimum deposit required to open an account. You’re online approval is immediate and you’ll never be required to step foot in a branch unless you want to. BBVA is one of the most friendly banks for those who need a second chance at a checking account. The entire process from start to finish takes about 3 minutes. Best of all, they know Texas and Texans.

b-lewis-bbva-testimonialFor anyone interested, I signed up for a BBVA Bank checking account. I have been using the new checking account, debit card, online website, direct deposit, and customer service for over a month now. I have to say I am genuinely impressed with everything they have done with me and my account.

So far it seems like the ideal bank.

B. Lewis, BBVA Customer
Open a BBVA Online account today!

Your BBVA Online Visa Debit Card allows you access to all BBVA ATMs and Allpoint ATMs. Allpoint ATMs can be found at these retailers and many more:

Best Second Chance Banks and Credit Unions in Texas

We’ve surveyed banks and credit unions across Texas to find local, regional, or national financial institutions that offer “Second Chance Bank Accounts” or what some banks call Fresh Start Checking, Opportunity Checking, or New Start Checking.

Most of these institutions use ChexSystems or EWS, but are willing to look at opening these kinds of accounts on a case-by-case basis. Many times, they require a personal visit to a branch and may offer accounts that come with monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. While not as easy and fee-free as the BBVA Online Checking account, they do offer you an alternative.

Here’s the list of banks and credit unions in Texas offering these services:

Financial InstitutionProduct
BBVA  (Our Top Pick)Online Checking
Chime Bank  (Our Runner Up)Chime Bank Checking & Savings Account
Abilene Teachers Federal Credit UnionRestart Checking
Air Force Federal Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Allied Federal Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
American Airlines Credit UnionAscend Checking
Associated Credit Union of Texas180 Checking
Bank of TexasOpportunity Checking
Bank of the OzarksPathway Checking
Baptist Credit UnionDraft Builder Checking
Chocolate Bayou Community Federal Credit UnionClean Slate Checking
Corporate America Family Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Energy One Federal Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
First Service Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit UnionFreedom-2nd Chance Checking
InTouch Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Kelly Community Federal Credit UnionSmart Choice Checking
Landmark BankRebound Checking
Las Colinas Federal Credit Union2nd Chance Checking
Members Trust Federal Credit UnionSecond Chance Checking
MemberSource Credit UnionSelect Checking
Memorial Credit UnionNew Path Checking
Nascoga Federal Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Neighborhood Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
North East Texas Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Peoples BankSecond Chance Checking
PNC BankFoundation Checking
Postel Family Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Premier America Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Prestige Community Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Rio BankFresh Start Checking
Select Federal Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Southside BankNext Checking
Tarrant County’s Credit UnionFresh Start Checking
Texas People Federal Credit UnionOpportunity Checking
TruWest Credit UnionOpportunity Checking
UNIFY Financial Credit UnionRight Start Checking
United Heritage Credit UnionChoice Checking
Unity One Credit UnionClean Start Checking
Velocity Credit UnionAccess Checking
Wells FargoOpportunity Package
Woodforest National BankSecond Chance Checking

Did we leave your financial institution off this list? Has there been a change in any of the listings? Please let us know.